Michael Carter

As the firm’s "go-to" guy for general litigation work, Michael is enthusiastic about getting results. Precise and assertive, his energetic approach to advocacy allows him to achieve his clients’ goals with panache. His legal background in strata, real-estate, and estate litigation has marked him as a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, and his knack for bringing people together shows him as a true "people person".

Michael loves a challenge both in and out of the office, and one of his favourite pastimes is hiking big-time back country. To date, he has conquered Yosemite National Park and the West Coast Trail. He has even hiked across the Alaskan wilderness. 

Michael has a JD from Oakbrook College of Law, Fresno, California, and an NCA Qualification from the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC.

  • General Litigation
  • Real-Estate Law
  • Strata Law
  • Construction Law
  • Estate Law
  • Employment Law